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What on earth is the sacred and how do we talk about it? If 'toxic masculinity' has already found a foothold in the public consciousness what is 'sacred masculinity' if not an oxymoron?


This quarterly blog sets out to help us reconnect with and reclaim the sacred in everyday life, offering a practical psycho-spiritual approach, while exploring the interplay of the masculine and feminine.

March 6, 2019

Just over a year ago my siblings and I suffered a double family bereavement. Around the same time I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer -

November 1, 2017

The Celtic Cauldron belongs to an era long passed. Amongst any list of familiar archetypes - such as The Warrior, The Victim, The Queen or The Judge - the Cauldron would seem very much the odd one out. So what is it that confers its archetypal power and status? In a recent workshop entitled ‘The Coaching Cauldron – creating a container for transformational change’ (which my col...

As good coaches and therapists we are trained to listen on many levels to our clients and the stories that they bring. We are not so surprised when clients present with issues for which we have had an insider’s seat or a particular training. But we may need to look more attentively to identify themes which arrive unannounced and to which we may not feel so consciously attuned....

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Martin Armitage-Smith

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